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The legacy of the UFC GOAT. All my  life I believed there is a champion in every single one of us. After seeing what it takes and becoming one, I feel compelled to share my legacy by putting the tools, systems and philosophy of a champion at everyone’s disposal. Anyone can build a gym, what about the rest of the arsenal available to pro athletes? Spider Kick Gyms go beyond great equipment, classes or goal oriented, they add the  missing dimension previously accessible to the few. Of course the gyms offer state of the art equipment reviewed and tested by Anderson and his staff. The gyms offer Smart Fit boards configured for various workouts including kicks and punches. The circuit HIIT classes are approved by Anderson, everything follows Anderson’s workout routine and his training techniques. To close the loop, Spider Kick Fitness gives access to sports doctors and nutritionists who can follow members by using actual workout data and vitals taken before, during and after each workout session. By  indicating what their goal is, fitness, recovery, weight loss… any gym member can be closely followed by a coach and pro-athlete specialists who will recommend workout routines, frequency, diet and supplements that suits the person and their wellness goals. If the gym member is a pro-athlete preparing for an event, workouts and nutrition will be tailored for the preparation training, the event and recovery. It’s like having a whole champion’s team available to every gym member. Whether someone is seeking to become an MMA champion, run a marathon or simply tap into their inner fitness more efficiently, Spider Kick Fitness by Anderson Silva help uncover the way. A smarter fully supported workout means better, faster results, more drive and energy, this is Anderson’s legacy.


It all  started with a concept and a single Gym in Brazil, now there is a project to build a flagship gym in Los Angeles by January 2020 as well as offer the business opportunity all over the world. Each facility will be between 4,000 and 7,000 square feet and offer circuit training, cardio equipment, a fighting cage and boxing ring. Please visit our Investment Opportunities page for details about the facilities and business opportunities to  spread the Spider’s legacy.




In his own words: I wanted to build a gym that inspires and helps people realise that health and wellbeing is completely linked to what and who we are in our lives, and what we are capable of achieving. I hope that these martial arts academies will give the people a philosophy of long lasting life and will send everyone one on a search for something way more important than only physical beauty: inner strength.

His UFC records:

  • Most UFC title defenses (10)

  • Fight of the Night Winner (Five times)

  • Knockout of the Night (Seven times)

  • Submission of the Night (Twice)

  • Longest title reign in UFC history (2457 days)

  • Longest win streak in UFC history (16)

  • Most finishes in UFC middleweight division history (11)

  • Most finishes in UFC title fights (9)

  • Most knockdowns in UFC history (17)

  • Most knockdowns in UFC title fights (10)

  • Most knockouts in UFC title fights (7)

  • Most wins in UFC middleweight division history (13)



For those who want an edge in their fitness training, the full line of Spider Kick sports supplements are top shelf selections. Not just an endorsement, Anderson hand selected each sports med and personally reviewed the ingredients. 



Quality boxing gloves, guards and other accessories are a necessity for a successful workout. Anderson decided to take the guesswork out and offer these very items under the Spider Kick brand. And for those who want to proudly wear the Spider Kick Team colors in or out of the gym, a line of t-shirts, hoodies and caps to do just that

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