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Kick Lab 

Ever wanted to learn the techniques and fine points of MMA from the master himself?  

Your wish has been answered!

Kick Lab is a video series where Anderson and Jason go over the details and fine points of each move. They teach how to perform it, what to look for and what to avoid. 

Starting December 16 2019, tune in to Kick Lab every Monday at 11am Pacific to see a new episode. Each video is 2 to 4 minutes.


Kick Lab is for every Martial Arts enthusiast at any level, from beginners to grand masters, everyone can learn from the Spider and his trusted coach Jason.

In the fist episode we learn Anderson's technique for the jab and cross. In his words, the jab and cross is he foundation of boxing.



The Spider Kick Fitness Centers  are the former UFC champion's way of sharing his legacy with the world. More than a gym, more than a martial arts academy, the health clubs goal is to give members access to professional teams of trainers and doctors who can follow them just like a champion is followed by his team. Combined with the high end line of sports supplements people who become part of the Spider Kick Fitness family can train like champions do.

Anderson paid attention to every detail, from the equipment, to the layout of the circuit, the cage, the boxing ring, the HIIT classes… all follow his way of training and philosophy. He personally trained all the master trainers to insure uniformity and conformity. He selected the supplements himself and is using those that apply to him on a daily basis.

Circuit classes and other programming are specifically created by the champ and his team of trainers, physical therapists, physicians, nutritionists and other wellness experts. What better way to be motivated and inspired to push on than following a goal oriented system that works? more...


Brazilian born, versed in Muay Thai, Teakwondo and boxing, Anderson the Spider Silva was named greatest mix martial artists since Bruce Lee by many. He earned the nickname ‘Spider’ for his signature spider kick. Since 2006, Anderson broke and holds the most UFC records like longest reign in UFC history with 2,457 days, most consecutive wins in UFC history, longest winning streak, most UFC title fight knockouts, most knockdowns in UFC history and many more. Although he's a fearsome fighter, Anderson brought a softer, gentler side to UFC by adding fun, kindness and smiles. He showed us UFC doesn't have to be only about brutality. 


In Anderson's words: 'building fitness centers that help people live a healthier life and increase longevity is my legacy to the world.  Anyone who walks into a Spider Kick gym will see the difference right a way. Those fitness centers are designed to encourage and support, guide and teach the way to wellness.' Professional athletes, people training for sports events as well as non-athletes, elderly and teens all have something to take from a Spider Kick wellness facility. more...


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