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Spider kick apparel

Anderson Silva always had a sense of fashion. Even in his early fighting days he always wanted have uniforms to wear for him and his team. He worked on the uniforms himself, staying up all night with the tailor to make sure everyone looked amazing. Anderson is among the first UFC fighters to wear matching outfits with his coaches and trainers. He actually influenced the way UFC fighters dress for the octagon. For him, it was always yellow. He refused to wear any other color shorts than yellow because it reminds him of his idol, Bruce Lee.

After a couple failed attempts at making his own sports fashion line, Anderson teamed up with Gerard and Todd from Sunrise Brands, a large licensing company specializing in apparel. Together they developed a full line of clothing that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, gloves, kimonos and other gear. 

All of the clothing is top shelf quality with superb fabrics like the 6oz 100% US grown organic Supima cotton used for the tee shirts. 

Try any apparel from this section risk free with our 30 days return policy. Please read the details here...

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