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Learn from the master

Tune in to Kick Lab every Monday at 11 to see a new episode!

Kick Lab is a video series where Anderson teaches the fine points of one MMA move every week. 

Learn how to perform a spinning punch, a back kick and many other moves following the techniques of the Master himself, the UFC GOAT and our champion, Anderson the Spider Silva. 

Kick Lab Episode 4 - Anderson's Famous Front Kick Technique

Kick Lab Episode 4 - Anderson's Famous Front Kick Technique

In today's lesson, Anderson and his lovely daughter Kauana demonstrate Anderson's technique for the front kick. It's a special lesson because this is the very kick that made Anderson famous, the one that earned him the name Spider. He explains how he used this kick to knockout Vitor Belfort in their UFC championship fight. Anderson has a lot of affection for this front kick technique. This is a move that is used throughout MMA in karate, taekwondo, capoeira, muay thai, kick boxing and jiu-jitsu. The front kick technique is best suited for people with long legs. Anderson learned this kick early on in his MMA debut. It's one of the pillar moves that helped him win many fights. Landing this kick consists of throwing a jab or a cross to attract the opponent's attention and throw the kick stealthily. If the opponent fighter doesn't see your foot leave the ground you can land a devastating kick as we have seen Anderson do in many of his fights. Please don't forget to share and subscribe to Anderson Silva's Spider Kick channel to see more episodes of Kick Lab and learn more techniques from the UFC GOAT himself. Please remember to click like and share with your friends. Tune in every Monday at 11am Pacific to see a new episode of Kick Lab. Subscribe to the Spider’s YouTube Channel to get notifications of new Kick Lab episodes: YouTube Follow the Spider: Official Website: Instagram Facebook Twitter
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