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Return Of The Spider

See Anderson Silva in action fighting and sparring in this 1.5 minute compilation. Amazing how fast the spider is, it's like he's immobile for a few seconds until his opponent gains some confidence then he strikes as fast as lightning. 

Kick Lab Episode 1 - Jab and Cross

Learn Jab and Cross technique from the UFC GOAT  himself. Watch Anderson and Jason go over the fine points of the Jab and Cross punches and give some important tips for this basic move that is the foundation of boxing and kick boxing. 

Upset Kick A La Bruce Lee

Anderson Silva Vs. Yushin Okami. Anderson was the favorite for the Rumble on the Rock 8 tournament. Everyone wanted to get a shot at Anderson. 2 and a half minutes into the first round, Anderson is on the floor, Yushin is kneeling in front of him between his legs.

Spider Vs. Fishburne

Watch Laurence Fishburne get his self defense MMA class from the best of the best, Anderson the Spider Silva. Fishburne is a quick learner and gets the punch and kick basics down easy. Good moves Laurence, keep it up!

Kick Lab MMA Tutorial Videos

Ever wanted a lesson from Anderson Silva? Here is your chance. Kick Lab is a video series where Anderson and Jason go over the details of each move and give the fine points and tips. Learn BJJ from the UFC GOAT himself!


Learn Anderson's Techniques

1 on 1: Spider Self Defense Class

Watch the stars take MMA fighting lessons with the GOAT. Anderson trains celebrities like Laurence Fishburne, Malin Ackerman, Sterling Brown, Prince Royce and many others. See how they move and learn to kick and punch from the grand master of MMA. 

MMA Training for Celebrities


Old Fights Highlights - This series is composed of over 35 1 - 2 minute videos highlighting Anderson The Spider Silva’s most memorable moments. Watch and relive the greatest moments in Anderson's fighting career, the best punches, knockouts, the wins, the loses. 

The Making of a UFC Legend

Road To Rio

the champ throw hard punches and kick a sandbag and a sparring partner. His energy in incredible! This training takes place on April 9 during the flash flood. Even though it took the electric out, the champ keeps going with his training.

Anderson Training for UFC 237


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